Model : 3530

Pro Clamp Meter
  • 10,000 count digital display with large active backlight display with bargraph
  • 3000A AC measurement via Flexible current probe
  • Advanced Power features, Phase Rotation, Total Harmonic Distortion and Harmonics 1 to 25th enable fully professional power measurement application with excellent performance.
  • Automatically detect AC, DC and AC + DC of ampere and voltage function with AC+DC TRMS.
  • Innovative Navigator key optimizing the function selection and feature operation with your thumb.
  • Innovative torch lighting during cable clamping and automatically Non Contact voltage detection for better identification of working environment.
  • Power and Power Factor measurement
  • Low pass filter function.
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AC A(via jaw)100.00/1000.0A

Accuracy: ±1.5%rdg±5dgt(50Hz-60Hz)


AC A(via cflex)0.1A-3000A

Accuracy:±1.0%rdg±5dgt* (50Hz-500Hz)

AC V100.00V/1000.0V

Accuracy: ±1.0% ± 5dgt(50Hz-500Hz)

DC V100.00V/1000.0V

Accuracy: ±0.7% ± 2dgt

DC A100.00A/1000.0A

Accuracy: ±1.5% ±0.2A(100.00A)

±1.5% ±0.2A(1000.0A)

Active Power (Watt)

AC W/DC W ***


Accuracy**: A, error x V, reading V, error x A, reading

Power factor1.00

Accuracy: ± 5dgt

THD AC A/AC V99.9%

Accuracy: ±(3%+ 10dgt)

Harmonics OrderH₀₁ – H₂₅

Accuracy:  (H₀₁ – H₁₂) ±(5%+ 10dgt)

(H₁₃ – H₂₅) ±(10%+ 10dgt)


Accuracy:±1.0%rdg ± 3dgt

Capacitance4µF – 4mF

Accuracy: ±1.9%rdg±8dgt



Jaw Size 42mm
Applicable Standard EN/IEC61010-1, 61010-2-032, 61010-2-033, CAT. IV 600V CAT. III 1000V
Temperature-40oC – 400oC


Applicable Standards Complies with EN 61010 CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V, EN 61326-1
Power Source Single 9V battery (NEDA 1604A or IEC 6LF22)
Dimension and Weight 87.5 (W)X 242mm(L) X 50.5 mm(D) Weight470g
Standard Accessories Model No.AR75 (Carrying bag), Model No. AC91 (Test Lead set), Model No. AR16 (Temperature probe), Battery (9V), User Manual
Optional AccessorycFlex-18 flexible clamp sensor

* The accuracy of cFlex is not included

** The measured value <1.000 KW add 10 digit to accuracy

***Power Measurement not applicable using cFlex-18