Model : 5600

Earth Resistance Tester
  • Measures Earth Resistance and Earth Voltage
  • 2mA measuring current permits the testing of earth resistance without tripping earth leakage circuit breakers in the circuit under test
  • Built in Filter to reject unwanted signals
  • Compact and Lightweight construction
  • Test leads for two measuring system are also supplied as part of standard accessories.
  • OΩ adjustment and data hold function available.
  • Meets IEC61010-1 CAT III 200V, EN61557-1, EN61557-5, EN61326-1
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Electrical Specification

Earth Resistance

Earth resistance




Earth resistance resolution

0-20Ω : 0.01Ω

0-200Ω : 0.1Ω

0-2000Ω : 1Ω

Earth Voltage 0-200Vac (40-500Hz)

Earth resistance : ±2%rdg+2dgt

or ±0.1Ω, whichever is greater

Earth voltage ±(1%rdg+2dgt)

Measuring system

Earth Resistance by constant

current inverter 820Hz approx. 2mA

Low battery indicationlow-battery  symbol appears on the display
Data hold Indicationhold symbol appears on the display
Power source 1.5V (AA) × 8
Dimension and Weight 175 (L) × 85 (W) × 75mm (H), Approx 600g
Safety Standards

IEC/EN 61010-1 CAT III 200V,

IEC 61557-1 EN 61557-5

EN 61326-1


Instruction manual

AR11 (Test leads – Red-15m, yellow-10m, green-5m),

AR70 (Auxiliary earth spikes x 2),

AR 12 (Simplified measurement probe),

AR 50 (Carrying case),

AR51 (Shoulder belt),

Batteries LR6 (AA) x 8