Model : 6130

Digital Loop/PSC Tester
  • Convenient to measure the loop impedance directly without bypassing the wires
  • 15mA loop measurement which will not trip ELCBs
  • Wiring check function
  • Backlight function
  • Battery is not used
  • Over temperature protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Built-in voltmeter
  • Provided with carrying case
  • Safety standard : EN 61010-1 CAT III 300V EN 61326-1


Loop Impedance Range20 Ω (0.00 ~ 19.99Ω)
200 Ω (0.00 ~ 199.9Ω)
2000 Ω (0.00 ~ 1999Ω)
Nominal Test current at 0Ω external loop23A/40ms
Loop Impedance  Accuracy2%rdg + 4dgt
Prospective short circuit current Range20 KA (0.00 ~ 4.00 KA)
2000 A (0 ~ 1999 A)
200 A (0.00 ~ 199.9Ω)
Nominal Test current at 0Ω external loop23mA/40ms
AccuracyConsider accuracy of Loop Impedance
Voltage display Range150~260 V
Accuracy(2%rdg + 4dgt)
System voltage230V (+13%, -15%)
System frequency50Hz
None Battery system voltage150V ~ 260V
Opearting Temperature0 ~ 40 °C
Wiring checkP-ELEDs illuminate when the wiring polarity of circuit under test is correct
N-EN-ELED is light when P and N are reversed or the Earth is not connected
15mA Loop measurementLoop impedance 2000Ω range measurement is carried out with low test current (15mA).

The current will not cause tripping out for ELCBs

Over Temperature ProtectionWhen over heating, the ‘thermometer’ symbol will show on LCD & instrument will stop measuring
AccessoriesModel AR-60 (Test Leads)
Model AR-120 (Hard carrying case)
Model AR-61 (Hand Strap)
Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories AR-210 (Plug type test lead)