Clamp Meters

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    Model : 3510

    Pocket Size AC/DC Clamp Meter
    • Compact clamp meter capable of measuring AC/DC Current upto 400A
    • TRMS for accurate readings of non-sinusoidal waveforms
    • Minimum resolution of 0.01A AC/DC
    • Built in Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) Detector

    Compact Clamp Meter upto 400A AC/DC

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    Model : 3515

    400A AC/DC Clamp Meter
    • 400A AC/DC clamp meter
    • TRMS for accurate measurement on Non sinusoidal waveforms.
    • Built in Non-contact Voltage detector
    • Measures Voltage, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency and Temperature.

    400A AC/DC TRMS Clamp Meter

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    Model : 3530

    Pro Clamp Meter
    • 10,000 count digital display with large active backlight display with bargraph
    • 3000A AC measurement via Flexible current probe
    • Advanced Power features, Phase Rotation, Total Harmonic Distortion and Harmonics 1 to 25th enable fully professional power measurement application with excellent performance.
    • Automatically detect AC, DC and AC + DC of ampere and voltage function with AC+DC TRMS.

    1000A AC/DC Pro Clamp Meter with Power measurement functions

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    Model : 3540

    AC/DC Clamp Meter for Low current
    • High resolution of 1mA on AC/DC A ranges.
    • Wide measurement range upto 100A
    • Thin jaw profile for easy access and measurement.
    • LED work light to illuminate the measurement spot as well as backlit LCD display

    AC/DC A clamp meter with minimum resolution of 1mA

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    Model : 3541

    AC/DC Clamp Meter for low current
    • High resolution of 0.1mA on AC/DC A ranges for precise low current measurements.
    • Well suited for troubleshooting in electrical installations, devices, automotive engineering, control systems
    • TRMS for accurate measurement on Non- Sinusoidal waveforms.
    • Measurement of AC/DC Voltage, Resistance and Continuity tests

    High resolution of 0.1mA on AC/DC A ranges for precise low current measurements.

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    Model : 3550

    Earth Leakage Clamp Meter
    • High Resolution of 0.01mA allows measurement of earth leakage current.
    • Provides 4 ranges of measurement: 60mA, 600mA, 10A and 100A.
    • Data Hold and Max hold available.

    Earth Leakage Clamp Meter with 0.01mA Resolution

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    Model : 3560

    Earth Leakage clamp meter
    • High resolution of 0.001mA on 6mA range for precise measurement of very low currents.
    • Measurement range upto 60A AC.
    • TRMS for accurate measurement even on Non sinusoidal waveforms.
    • Peak Hold to measure peak values like inrush current

    High Resolution (0.001mA) AC Clamp Meter

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    Model : 3570

    Flexible Clamp Meter
    • AC Current measureable max upto 3000A
    • Flexible clamp sensor for measurement in hard to clamp areas.
    • TRMS for accurate measurements on Non sinusoidal waveforms
    • Min/Max & Data Hold

    3000A AC TRMS Flexible Clamp Meter