Product Catalogue

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Rugged 1000V Digital Multimeter264 KBPDF
Rugged 1000V Digital Multimeter264 KBPDF
TRMS CAT IV Multimeter182 KBPDF
Solar PV Multimeter259 KBPDF
Pocket Size AC/DC Clamp Meter205 KBPDF
400A AC/DC Clamp Meter237 KBPDF
TRMS 10000A AC/DC Clamp Meter198 KBPDF
AC/DC Clamp Meter for Low current measurements234 KBPDF
AC/DC Clamp Meter for low current measurements218 KBPDF
Earth Leakage Clamp Meter207 KBPDF
High Resolution Earth Leakage clamp meter208 KBPDF
Flexible Clamp Meter365 KBPDF
Digital Multi Range 1KV Insulation Tester211 KBPDF
Advanced 1KV Insulation Tester with PI & DAR measurement207 KBPDF
Earth Resistance Tester247 KBPDF
Lightweight and compact lux meter154 KBPDF
Digital RCD Tester205 KBPDF
Digital Loop/PSC Tester187 KBPDF
Non-contact Phase sequence indicator194 KBPDF
Digital Sound Level Meter with analogue bar graph139 KBPDF