About Us

We at KOICO strive to bring the best of Test & Measurement tools to you. 

At KOICO, Japan it is our mission and passion to offer our customers the best range of high quality Test & Measuring Instruments. Our success harbours on customer satisfaction coupled with seamless service.

Our products are designed and curated in Japan keeping in mind customer needs and feedback. At the heart of KOICO is the promise of utility and accuracy to meet the varied needs of our customers across industries. Our emphasis on reliability and quality is unwavering.

 A lot of thought and research goes into every instrument that we design and offer. KOICO product range is a result of rational analysis of industry norms and requirements. KOICO instruments meet the highest level of manufacturing standards and undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure highest level of precision. 

Our range is evolving continuously and new product launches are a regular feature. Our customers are always equipped with the latest, most reliable and high quality instruments

Unsurprisingly, we always love to hear from you. It is from where our best ideas come from. Feel free to reach out at info@koico.co.jp any time. It would be great to assist in your measurement needs.